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The Coin Master

Ilkon. Ilkeston Contemporary Arts Stand: 132

Silicone cast, recycled and repurposed materials. Life size sculpture<br>

<br>Wrapping textiles and other material to create form, rising from the ground, I build and create life forms which are unapologetically fused together, from nothing, much like I have built and empowered my sense of self, imbalanced and fragile, yet appearing strong. Textiles and clothes have lived a life of their own, discarded, isolated, I tear them to shreds, ripping at the seams, giving them new life.

Warriors of my own creation that reside in my psyche and ego, growing in scale, fierce, dominant, and full of rage, wearing masks of ancestral faces as I reveal my inner war and battle creating multidimensional versions of self, a chamber of guardians from the past, present and future. Coloured viels depict the complexities of the human soul, intertwining and overlapping wounded material creating beautiful brightly coloured patterns. The encasing of the figures in a space is an attempt at confinement, energy ready to burst, an ever changing metamorphosis in a bottomless universe. Internalised feelings, resentment and fear, pride and ambition, combine, manifesting into superior entities, authoritative, intimidating, and unable to be controlled; demanding respect, without the need for action, the pieces are distantly removed from the nature of humanity, liberating me not only from myself, but from the shackles of a racist society.  Shehzad Jaffer 2023


Shehzad Jaffer