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Keep your Distance

AIR Gallery Stand: 233

Keep your distance, Resin, milliput, wood, metal, acrylic, £4280 

Work on ‘Keep your distance’ began mid-pandemic, its subject matter is intended to have multiple connotations both of the now and as a form of futurama. A dioramic vista set on an ordinary wooden shelf; the action focuses on a game where two seemingly well to do masked miniature figures are in the process of firing off red and yellow pool balls, at who? Another angry looking ‘unmasked’ figure struggles to roll another ball into line. The narrative alludes to a dysfunctional political hierarchy supported by broken infrastructure. The incongruous smiling flag is going green, piles of rubble litter the landscape and underneath the largest pile a similar masked figure is crushed. One refrain is repeated ‘keep calm and carry on’, written on to a number of tea cups that litter the landscape. Diorama function as pseudo spectacles, representing a form of static theatre, they share the immersive environment in miniature, the framing of dramatic narratives that immerses the audience in them.


Peter Hanmer