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The Leaves at Least have thrips to blame

Convenience Gallery Stand: 242

The Leaves at least have Thrips to Blame Painting

Painting, Oil on Canvas

Size: 201 W x 135 H x 7 D cm

Luke’s large-scale painted works are the product of time-intensive, cumulative mark-making, which finds anchorages in colour and a balance between abstract and figurative imagery; between minimalism and excess.

"This painting is one of seasons, of transition and of memory. By working in two bouts - one in late winter, the other early in summer - something of the change we’ve all known gets captured and a jostling is described and a balance is found. 

‘Thrips’ are small bugs, similar to Aphids, that feed on leaves. There is I believe an obvious reference to landscape within the palette and imagery in this work and I hope less obviously, a subtle sense of melancholy is communicated too - beneath the exuberance of colour, pertaining to the remembrance of times past and seasons now out of reach. 

There is depth in this painting, suggestive narrative to be found, the odd hint at recognisable form. Subjective viewing is actively encouraged. The patches of colour sing and bump. A murmuring of a storm heralds a darkening that serves only to make the present more bright. All things considered, what’s depicted is a carnival held to celebrate context; for for one to exist, it’s opposite must too. Inevitability, circularity, fleetingness and expecting return; all lovingly embraced. I see hope in this painting."


Luke George