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Left (2019-20)

Pallet Show 12 Stand: Feature Space

Left (2019-20)
Found work gloves cast in bronze,

dimensions variable

Remnants of gesture frozen in time. Utilitarian references that point to unspecified tasks completed or ones temporarily abandoned. Found discarded work gloves gathered as material. These once useful objects will be constantly discarded in favour of newer replacements. Such objects can be re-invigorated through the context of art. By changing the medium or the usual context of an object, new meanings and metaphoric potentials can be realised. Potentially discarded or over looked objects can regain status and importance via such a transformation. Casting an object into bronze involves both the transformative power of art, and of material. This change can elevate the status of previously overlooked or discarded objects. The transmutation forces us to respond differently to that object. It places it in a different social context, again meaning we have to reassess our relationship to that object, as well as to the other objects that are placed alongside it, and the space it is contained within.



Mark Houghton