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Persephone's Tears (After Man Ray), 2023

The Second Act Stand: 229

Persephone's Tears (From Man Ray) 

Photographic image, reprinted on wall mounted light box.

Persephone’s Tears (After Man Ray), is part of a body of work inspired by the Greek myth of Persephone, which portrays the sadness of being abandoned by a lover, (as in Man Ray's lament to the loss of Lee Miller) but also the exquisite sadness of longing that informs the poetry of the Greek Myth.

This piece is a key work in a collection that plays with the contradictions of both the rejection and the desire to be viewed by the male gaze, a duality between the personal and the political, that McCaig locates in Persephone, who spends half her life on earth, and half her life in the underworld.



Lydia McCaig