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Joan (2023)

Pallet Show 12 Stand: Feature Space

Joan (2023)

Soft-sculpture, textiles, fabric, fabric plinth, wood, wire
15x14x14cm + plinth, 14 x 14 x 70cm

Daisy Collingridge’s multi-disciplinary work investigates the human form as the central theme. The work sits between, sculpture, performance and photography. Known for her ‘flesh suits’ or ‘Squishies’ where the artist, as well as friends and family members, inhabit everyday situations or playout a staged mise en scene, her imagined new autonomy appears alien to our world. Each piece has its own character. They become real and take on their own identity. Yet their world mirrors our own with its heady mix of melancholy and joy. At the core of the work is a celebration of the human form. This complex body that we all exist in for a time. It asks the viewer to consider the body in every form and observe its potential.




Daisy Colleridge with TG Boulting