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Jack Arts

We love cities and believe they are the perfect place to promote the arts. Not so much the corporate, controlled concrete and glass metropolis but our social and diverse urban spaces - lively places where unexpected encounters await just around the next corner. JACK ARTS specialise in creating inspiring street campaigns and experiences for the culture space. Working with galleries, exhibitions, publishers and many other institutions our specialist team understand the arts, the audience and the need to be truly creative, not just claim to be

We believe city streets offer a unique canvas and context to showcase campaigns that connect with an informed and creative audience. That is why we curate, fund and promote our own series of Your Space Or Mine projects giving artists and creatives free space on the streets to connect with neighbourhoods and their communities. With a portfolio of carefully curated poster sites in 11 cities across the UK via our parent company BUILDHOLLYWOOD and a creative team that can produce bespoke creative billboards, hand painted murals, interactive installations, ambient and unique experiential marketing campaigns, JACK ARTS is perfectly placed to promote the arts on the streets.

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