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Yan Tan Tether

Stand: 127

Yan Tan Tether is a nomadic curatorial project that operates between London and Yorkshire. The project was instigated by Dave Charlesworth who previously ran moving image art gallery South Kiosk and currently runs curatorial/ production project KitMapper.

At Manchester Contemporary, Yan Tan Tether will be presenting a split booth featuring two projects. Dave Charlesworth will be presenting his performance based world building curatorial project A Hand Is Dealt. The project will feature works by Nina Ogden, Alzbeta Jaresova, Akinsola Lawanson, Lola de la Mata, Grace Pappas and Duncan Poulton.

Sebastian Koseda will be presenting his project Fully Detached featuring work that interogates the tools and language used to maintain the contemporary city as a purgatory.


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Art Preview

  • Gallery bench with Anti-sitting spikes, Sebastian Koseda 2023 1820mm (w) x 500mm (H)
  • ZERO INTEREST, 2023 Brushed steel, pigeon spikes, acrylic. 2420mm (w) x 920mm (H) 'A bank is a place where they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for it back when it begins to rain.' - Robe ...
  • Yan Tan Tether is pleased to present A hand is dealt, a project based on a collaborative world building card game created by Dave Charlesworth. Throughout Manchester Contemporary, willing visitors wil ...
  • FULLY DETACHED, 2023, Sebastian Koseda Brushed steel, pigeon spikes, acrylic 2420mm (w) x 920mm (H) Last year people were worried about heating their homes, this year people are worried about having h ...
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