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Salboy is an award-winning property company developing and funding high quality housing and property developments throughout the UK. Since launching our brand in 2016 in the North West of England, we have fast become one of the UK’s leading challenger brands for high quality housing and developments, as well as continuing to finance some of the most experienced developers in the country. 


To date we have delivered more than 2,500 high quality homes in sought-after city locations and are one of the most recognisable and prolific property development brands in Manchester and Salford - cities at the heart of the UK’s vibrant North West. In 2020 we branched out into the rest of England and now operate across the North West, Cornwall in the South West and London - all parts of the country particularly impacted by the supply:demand disconnect of high quality housing.


Whether we’re funding schemes or developing our own, our goal is always to develop for the long term – astutely, sensitively, and with a sense of social purpose – delivering the homes and workspaces that people around the UK so desperately need. We make socially led development decisions, supporting local areas’ regeneration efforts that benefit local economies, create communities that people want to live, work and play in, and make good investments for investors. We align closely with our partnering local authorities to ensure the infrastructure we deliver connects additively to its surrounding area. Nothing is looked at in isolation.

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