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Collectors' Pavilion

Collectors' Pavilion

Spanning over a decade we look back at previous editions and present here collected works acquired at The Manchester Contemporary.

Works have been loaned with the permissions of the artist, gallery and collector, generously providing us with a snapshot of collecting Contemporary Art in Manchester from the late naughties to the present day.

Image credit : The King is Dead by Kim Rugg acquired from the first edition of TMC for the collection of Connal Orton Year: 2009

Sculpture Pavilion

This year we have a new sculpture pavilion at the heart of The Manchester Contemporary featuring works from A Modest Show and artists working in Greater Manchester.

We present Abstract Kab: Superposition by Luke Routledge, Robin Broadley and Pippa Eason and In good light by Richard Dean Hughes & Robin Megannity

Image credit : Abstract Kab, Yelena Popova & Gavin Wade, Guests: Luke Routledge, Robin Broadley and Pippa Eason